Writing a story is like crafting a meal. You might have the right ingredients in the right amounts, but it takes a little something extra to turn a good meal into a great one. Now author W. G. Griffiths is ready to reveal the secret spices that turn an average book into something extraordinary. One technique is to research your story firsthand so you can write as though your own life were on the page.



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TALONS is a Mystery Thriller. A golden eagle appears on Long Island, a thousand miles from it's natural habitat, and suddenly the magnificent raptor attacks, kills and disappears as quickly as it came, reminiscent of the great white in Jaws, only from the sky. But why? Golden eagles, though deadly, have never been known to attack humans. Soon other attacks remove the random freak accident theory and feed the possibility that the eagles are somehow trained and on a specific mission.



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2Q 2Methuselah's Pillar



Methuselah's Pillar moves at quantum speed as the action thriller combines worlds of germ warfare, espionage, myth and ancient history. A shepherd minding his flock thinks he's heard thunder. He's soon running for his life as rockets swoosh by. He dives for cover but falls into an ancient sanctuary where he finds a lost ancient artifact known as Methuselah's Pillar. According to legend, Methuselah had received the inscribed pillar from his seven times great grandfather, Adam, and then went on to become the oldest man who ever lived. Later, Moses possessed the pillar and delivered the Hebrews from the powerful Egyptian army with miracles. Samantha Conway, a renowned archaeologist and expert in ancient writings, soon finds herself caught between the CIA and insurgents in a race to translate miraculous recipes of life and death as the last and most deadly of Moses' plagues returns.


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9k 2Stingers


Young Samantha (Sam) Conway prefers little league baseball to baking cookies, exploring caves to shopping malls, The Science Channel to MTV reality shows and ferrets to bunny rabbits. But underestimate her because she's only a twelve year old girl and you might find yourself on the business end of the “Sound Shooter”.


Her inventor father adapted a failed experiment into a fantastic toy instead of sending it back to the drawing board and then gave it to Sam to play with.  And play she did. The Sound Shooter, as she called it, could place a voice in an ear with laser guided sniper-like accuracy up to the length of a football field away.  Her small Long Island town of Glenwood would never be the same.

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Gavin Pierce, a homicide detective with the Nassau County Police Department, discovers the horrific collision was no drunk driving accident. When the local police get there, they find the passenger in the van is dead, but the driver is missing.

Under the twisted, smoldering remains there is no shortage of clues all pointing to a predator whose ancient expertise is matched only by an unnerving ability to escape capture.

After several accidents, Gavin joins forces with the twin sister of one of the victims. Linked by a common goal, they are forced to open the darkest doors of hypnosis, reincarnation and the occult, leading them to startling truths about their enemy.

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In the second chilling installment of W. G. Griffith's spiritual thriller series, Detective Gavin Pierce must once again confront his old nemesis. New York detective Gavin Pierce thinks his life is back to normal now that he has accomplished the impossible task of defeating a centuries-old demon.


Gavin must once again take up the battle against this ancient evil and convince others that there is more to this scenario than meets the eye. But first, he must look inward to examine his own faith--before he can take on the demon face-to-face.

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"He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword," were the famous words spoken by Jesus at his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, just after one of the Nazarene's disciples cut the ear off Malchus, slave of the high priest.


How can Malchus be silent about what he knows to be true? The long torturous execution of the real Messiah is happening before his eyes. How can he speak the truth without finding himself on a Roman cross? How can he continue to serve the man responsible for it all, yet as his slave, how can he leave? What hopes and perils are created by this supposed resurrection from the dead? And what must Malchus do when he sees the calculating Caiaphas now turn his gaze on the new believers...and his own personal slave?

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9k 1The Road To Forgiveness



Oprah Winfrey claimed this to be her number 1 spiritual story in over 20,000 guests and over 13 years of her show and quickly installed the story onto a select show called "The Best of Oprah". This powerful real life story of forgiveness has changed millions of lives in dramatic fashion and will continue to do so wherever boundaries of life have been horribly trespassed and God is allowed to enter the room. The Road to Forgiveness is the story of how Cindy and Bill Griffiths came to forgive-and eventually befriend-the woman who, while driving drunk, killed their daughter, Robyn, and Cindy's mother, Janice, in a horrible automobile accident in June 1996. It is a moving, first-person account of the transforming work God can do in the midst of tragedy. Readers will be inspired to examine their own lives, and to follow this powerful, true example of letting love and mercy triumph-even in the face of tragedy.


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