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Time Trove


In this action packed sequel, Samantha Conway, world renowned archeologist and treasure hunter, finds the remains of the petrified artifact, Methuselah’s Pillar, containing information passed on to the ageless Methuselah from his also ageless great grandfather, Adam.  Legends and myths come alive between the scribed etchings on the oldest and most powerful treasure in human history.  Sam deciphers the recipe to Methuselah’s virtual immortality only to find some of the ingredients are now extinct, but her determination knows no boundaries.  Meanwhile a giant drug company is conducting highly illegal human experiments on a Caribbean island in an effort to extend human lifespan, particularly the lifespan of its ruthless aging founder, Reginald Beekman.  With Sam’s new regeneration potion finally in hand and not realizing the extent of its powers, she brings an old sick dog and a dying centurion uncle back to perfect health and vintage youth, and unbeknownst to her, immortality.  Anyone taking the prehistoric potion will no longer be able to age or die of natural causes.  The evidence of this cannot be hidden from Beekman, who will do whatever it takes to make the formula his own exclusive property.  Sam though, has something to say about these pathological ambitions and occasionally benefits from the mysterious assistance of a old guardian, who had tasted of the priceless potion five thousand years ago.







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